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Welcome to the Rod Long Website!

It's said there's a fine line between humor and truth; ask a comic and you may never know the difference but the explanation may be just what you're looking for!

2007 finds Rod embracing over twenty-five years as a professional comedian. Before his first cup of Seattle coffee, Rod delves into sport and politics, offering his unique perspective. Clubs, private engagements, and collaboration on "A Fan For All Seasons" are all on the horizon again this year.

When not on stage creating melodic synchronized laughter, Rod can be found from behind his other passion, the lens of his camera. From Pacific Northwest parks with his four sons to the country sides of Europe, Rod's portfolio is filled with thought-provoking shots of everyday life and nature’s beauty.

On his site you can enjoy the sports comic strip "A Fan For All Seasons." If you haven't followed their adventures, catch up reading the characters biographies and past AFFAS strips. Various radio and TV interviews of Rod's are available in the Instant Replay section. It includes his 1st&Long Series (scheduled to begin again soon)  as well as other video highlights including moments from 2005's After the Game with Eric Johnson of KOMO4.

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“Fear is a disease that eats away at logic and makes man inhuman.”

-- Marian Anderson 1897-1993
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